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PIKA Overview

About Pika Technologies

PIKA Technologies Inc. is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of telephony enabling technology. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, the company has been in business since 1987.

Business Strategy

PIKA is focused on the telecommunications business. The company has strong skills in embedded product design, VoIP, digital signal processing (DSP), analog and digital telephony hardware (TDM) interfaces, global telecom protocols, mobility connectivity, FAX, and multi-platform real-time software development. PIKA holds patents related to communications and host media processing architectures.
We leverage our experience, knowledge, technology and channels to fill the needs of the growing international communications market with open source development platforms and end-user ready solutions to complement cloud-based system topologies and mobility networks.

PIKA Products

TDM Board Products

For more than two decades PIKA has been serving companies around the world that require enabling technologies to design and build sophisticated services for voice recording systems, voice services applications, PC-PBX systems, and fax-blasting systems. The Company’s TDM board products and software development kits are “designed in” to voice/fax-enable these telephony applications. The applications are then resold, either directly or indirectly, to the end user who is typically an enterprise (business-to-business).
These products consist of computer plug in voice cards and software that connect a computer system to both analog/digital TDM and IP-based networks to provide advanced voice services. These are used by applications developers to create a variety of communication systems.

Host Media Processing Software (HMP)

An essential all-software building block for creating high performance and reliable telephony/mobility solutions. Because of PIKA’s long history in the telephony industry, our HMP is hardened and widely accepted across the globe in TDM and SIP-based networks.
PIKA's latest HMP release, HMP X™ provides valuable options to developers seeking to build a solution capable of bridging mobile, VoIP and TDM networks together in both Narrow Band and Wide Band audio scenarios with virtually unlimited capacity due to virtualization and “cloud” support. With tens of thousands of ports deployed worldwide, PIKA’s HMP offers an easy to use and economical licensing mechanism. PIKA’s HMP includes two levels of its API: a very granular and flexible low-level API in C and a quick to market, high-level API that allows developers to quickly create their application on their platform of choice.

PIKA WARP™ Appliance Family

Embedded telephony systems (WARP), supporting application developers or system integrators using open source telephony platforms such as Asterisk™ and FreeSwitch.
This product is GUI configurable, with options for connectivity to TDM networks (FXO, FXS, BRI, PRI), IP networks and mobility networks (GSM, UMTS, WIFI).
Channel or end-user ready versions of the product include WARP Plus™ for Broadcom networks, Warp ATA™ for push to talk radio networks and Warp Mobile PBX for connection to mobile networks.

PIKA Micro Warp™ Appliance Family (µWarp™)

PIKA µWARP™ is a, dongle-size, embedded Linux development platform for packet-based solutions. Based on a versatile network architecture capable of manipulating network traffic at wire speed. PIKA currently offers two applications running on this device – µFirewall (a VoIP firewall for protection against IP PBX hacking) and µIPBX (a micro IP PBX which includes a GUI) – and there are unlimited custom and OEM opportunities.