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GSM Least Cost Routing

WARP Plus with GSM Least Cost Routing (LCR) allows the user to select the path of outbound communications based on cost. It is very common that landline-to-cell phone calls are much more expensive then cell phone-to-cell phone calls. WARP LCR provides a means to allow the desk phone to emulate a cell phone. Service providers can offer their customers the ability to direct calls outwardly through a GSM gateway reducing the overall monthly phone bill to the end customer.


  • PIKA solution is based on WARP Appliance embedded hardware
  • GSM LCR is available as 1 of many basic functionalities of WARP (Swiss Army Knife concept)
    • Paging, MOH, IP Survivability are other functions
    • Licensable upgrades (common hardware)
  • Supports up to 4 simultaneous calls via a maximum of 4 GSM trunks (1 SIM card/trunk)
  • The WARP LCR gateway is accessed via a BroadSoft® BroadWorks® feature code or extension. Who hasBroadSoft BroadWorks access to the Gateway is BroadWorks defined (it is a Line/Port extension).
  • Edge device agnostic and IP phone agnostic
  • BroadSoft IOT – pending
  • Incoming call support: possible to implement, no PBX feature interaction planned (pending customer demand)
  • Functionality mirrors the process that many are familiar with when using GSM gateways that are connected to the trunk side of their legacy PBX


  • Eliminates sales obstacles
    • In many regions, GSM gateways are used to circumvent expensive landline to mobile calls. For traditional, premise-based PBXs these devices are readily available and used extensively. By utilizing WARP, service providers of hosted PBX offerings will be able to offer similar “cost cutting” capabilitiesin order to compete with the legacy alternative.
  • Cost reduction
    • By using WARP Plus, service providers are able to piggy back several useful solutions onto a single
      premise based piece of equipment (paging, survivability, LCR, etc.). The result is a far more cost
      effective approach than dealing with the procurement and ongoing maintenance of individual
  • Simplistic installation
    • Simple web-based GUI set-up simplifies configuration and installation. No site visit required.

PIKA WARP Plus - GSM Least Cost Routing

GSM Connectivity

The GSM expansion module provides connectivity to mobile GSM networks for both incoming and outgoing calls. A GSM expansion module can be installed in each of WARP’s two available expansion slots and is available in either single or dual radio variants.


GSM Least Cost Routing is just one blade of the Swiss Army Knife-like functionality of WARP Plus. PIKA WARP Plus

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