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Local and External IP Survivability

WARP Plus with IP Survivability provides a wireless back-up connection should the IP link to the service provider’s switching platform go down. Both local survivability and external survivability are supported. In the event of an outage, calls are transparently routed through the WARPs GSM trunks. Incoming calls are also supported. In comparison to commonly used wireline FXO ports, utilizing prepaid GSM trunks can greatly reduce monthly expenses associated with IP Survivability.


  • Available as one of many basic functionalities of WARP (Swiss Army Knife concept)BroadSoft BroadWorks
    • Paging, MOH, LCR are other functions
    • Licensable upgrades (common hardware)
  • BroadSoft® IOT – pending
  • Edge device (SBC) agnostic
    • Does not require a large capital expense or retro-fit
  • Supported by multiple trunk options:
    • GSM wireless initially (FXO and BRI later, as required).
    • If prepaid GSM SIM is used, potential for trunk cost reduction is significant
  • Outage connectivity
    • Local (internal) survivability: extension to extension
    • External survivability:
      • extension to outside party
      • optionally supports in-coming calls
  • Modest configuration required: WARP and IP-Phones
  • Interoperable with any IP-Phone supporting “backup” registrar
    • Focus: Polycom, Cisco 5xx, Aastra, Snom


  • Eliminates sales obstacles
    • Legacy telco lines provide five 9’s uptime. In the case of hosted PBX solutions that rely on WAN connectivity the same cannot easily be matched. The local survivability offered by WARP Plus provides service providers
      an inexpensive way to ease the fear and uncertainly of end customers when choosing a hosted solution.
  • Cost reduction
    • If using wireless GSM trunks with pre-paid SIM cards, monthly costs are significantly reduced by not incurring
      costs for the traditional wired PSTN (FX0) trunks.
  • Simplistic installation
    • Simple web-based GUI set-up simplifies configuration and installation. No site visit required.
    • Additive - customers no longer need to replace exiting networking equipment to provide for IP survivability.

PIKA WARP Plus - Local and External IP Survivability 

GSM Connectivity

The GSM expansion module provides connectivity to mobile GSM networks for both incoming and outgoing calls. A GSM expansion module can be installed in each of WARP’s two available expansion slots and is available in either single or dual radio variants.


Survivability is just one blade of the Swiss Army Knife-like functionality of WARP Plus.

*Properly equipped WARPs require the addition of one or two expansion modules.PIKA WARP Plus Options include GSM, FXO, BRI.

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